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We care about each and every one of our clients and we will strive to furnish you with the professional, individualized attention you need to carry the day in court.

Practice Areas

Real Estate

From commercial and residential leases to real estate closings, Dupuy Legal can take care of all your real estate needs.

Small Business

Make sure your business is set up to take your idea to the next level

Criminal Defense

When your freedom is on the line, you need seasoned, aggressive representation to protect your rights

Drivers License Restoration

Attorney Dupuy has a flawless record at restoring driving privileges

Marijuana Law

From obtaining licensure from the state to code compliance, make sure you have competent representation for your marijuana business.


Whether you have issues with admissibility, or you need to get a visa or citizenship status for a loved one, call today for a free consultation.


We believe that all legal matters are equally important, especially for the individual client. Whether our clients come to us in good or bad times, we have the experience and dedication to help you come out on top.

Why Us?

There are many law firms, but our success rate and individualized attention is the reason why all of our case are generated word-of-mouth


I hired this attorney. He was more than helpful! Timely and professional. Got me the best possible sentence I could have gotten

Posted by Joy
December 26, 2019


I hired Kyle J Dupuy as my attorney because I had heard through the grapevine how incredibly talented he is and how successful he is in lowering charges and beating cases. I had a domestic assault charge that I was innocent in. I explained thoroughly what happened and he listened carefully and relayed this to the prosecutor. After meeting with the prosecutor several times, he got my case dismissed! I’m so happy! He went above and beyond his duties to secure the
perfect outcome. He is the only lawyer I will consult with and hire from now on. Period.

Posted by anonymous
October 4, 2018

Got it done!

Kyle did a great job at working on my case and getting my conviction removed. He was able to get the judge to allow me to make an appearance by phone only, as I live across state lines, and kept me up to date every time the hearing got rescheduled (since the court was waiting for a response from the state). Eventually, it was heard by the court and ruled in our favor! Thank
you very much Kyle!

Posted by Raymond
April 26, 2018

Highly recommend Kyle Dupuy. Outstanding attorney!

I retained Kyle Dupuy as a criminal defense lawyer. I was charged with a felony distruction of property and Mr. Dupuy was an answer to my prayers. He was everything a lawyer should be and more. From the initial interview, retaining him, and the court proceedings he was outstanding. His professionalism and work ethic helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. Using the facts Mr. Dupuy worked with the procescution and had the charges dropped
and made it as easy as it could have been on me. I went to court twice both times knowing exactly what was going on and both times coming out knowing I hired the right attorney. He keeps you in the know and delivers on what he says. With the amount of stress that comes with
criminal charges do yourself a favor and hire Kyle Dupuy because he understands and takes care of his clients. I highly recommend Kyle Dupuy and can’t say enough about how great the experience was having him as my attorney.

Posted by Matthew Wright
November 21, 2017

Exceeded Expectations

We retained Kyle Dupuy as our attorney for my teen daughter's hit and run defense, which was a misdemeanor. He was not only able to make it go away with a plea deal, but he then went over an above and asked/convinced the judge to also waive her 'failing to yield right of way' civil infraction ... which obviously was also a huge win for us from auto insurance standpoint! Kyle did excellent job and I would highly recommend him.

Posted by Chris
September 11, 2017

Excellent Attorney

Very professional and focused on the details of my needs as it pertained to my case. Had a
great experience!

Posted by Linda
January 17, 2017

Thourough and Trusted

Attorney Kyle J Dupuy has a phenominal knowledge base and really knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend him t. Family and friends. Overall great!

Posted by anonymous
May 12, 2015

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